Covid Care


Contagious diseases are increasingly causing threat to public health due to inflation in population and advancement in travel and transportation. There has been a significant rise in new contagious diseases outbreaks along with already existing contagious diseases. They originate from non-human sources and later spread through human-to-human contact.

Technology can play a vital role in controlling spreading of these deceases.

Asimov Robotics is committed to provide effective care even during the outbreak of a serious infectious diseases like Covid19 using Robotics and AI. SAYABOT and KARMI-Bot is a humanoid robot platform developed by Asimov Robotics capable of addressing such requirements.

SAYABOT as Awareness robot

SAYABOT can be customized to run awareness campaign in publicplaces as and when it is required.

In light the outbreak of COVID-19 ASIMOV Robotics deployed tworobots at the KSUM's Integrated Startup complex where one robotdistributes face masks, sanitizers and napkins for better coughhygiene. This robot screens detail about the World HealthOrganization's campaign to contain the pandemic. The answersquestions about the coronavirus infection and its prevention

SAYABOT as Covid19 security robot (break-chain-bot)

  • Temp Check: Stop all visitors at the entrance and run the temperature check to ensure the body temperature is at safe limit. In case of high temperature, advice them to go back to home or consult a physician
  • Sanitizing hands : Make sure that all the visitors sanitizes their hands. The robot will spray sanitizer to visitors' hands as they place it under robot's palm
  • Gadgets disinfection: Robot will prompt the visitor to disinfect their mobile phones, valet and currencies etc by using the integrated UV disinfecting machine.
  • Cleaning Handles : Frequently cleaning the door handles with sanitizer
  • Sprays eco-friendly disinfectants periodically to eliminates Bacteria, Virus, Fungi and Spores.