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With recent developments in AI, we are seeing the advent of intelligent robots that can perform the tasks like that of a human. There is a rising demand globally for human-like robots that can perform tasks such as information assistance, delivery, surveillance and so forth.

About CHHAYA Concept

CHHAYA is non-mobile humanoid robot torso with prosthetics. It’s capabilities & functionalities are primarily to assist people by answering queries, providing information & customer engagement through arm movements and/or ultrarealistic active human face with silicon prosthetics and emotion synthesis.


CHHAYA Specifications; 

  • 20 DOF animatronic mechanism.
  • Life like silicone prosthetics.
  • Ability to synthesize more than 15 expressions and their finer variations. 
  • Phonetics based Lip synchronization during conversations.
  • Multilingual NLP.
  • Customizable behavior and appearance to mimic any real or imaginary character.

Product Variants

Key Features